Returning player: LF for guidance on PVE progression L5+


I thought about revisiting EVE (didn’t play it for like 7 years) and i have a character that i will mostly be using for PVE I will be selling a couple of other characters i have and plan to inject quite a lot of SP so was wondering how does PVE look like right now and how my progression may look like.

My previous PVE experience was mostly running L4/L5 (which got quite boring and not challenging) on a nearly perfect Golem and i think i might want to stick to Caldari because of that. But i was wondering what’s next?

I don’t know much about current state of PVE so please enlighten me: is it Rattlesnake L6s next? Worhmoles? Galente carrier ratting (i think i might want to try that)? Should i look for unoccupied WH and put some structure there to use as a base?

Can you please give me a rough breakdown of activity / ship required / avg isk/hour / description of activity?


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Not 100% accurate but here’s a nice rundown on various activities and their hourly payout.

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For lv4s check out burner missions, I’d expect around 200mil/hr. Main ships are the Machariel, a few cruisers for the bases, and a bunch of frigates for the rest.

This first thread has a pretty good overview and covers most of what you need to know.

And this thread has a bunch of alternate fits.

and check the forums after patch day, often something gets broken and that typically gets posted in one of those threads.

For carrier ratting best to join with one of the big null groups as they have a lot of well protected space where you can rat. Lv5s I think most runners do carrier blitzing not sure how hostile the areas are though. I’ve heard a lot of good about WH ratting, but no idea what the income/safety levels are. Have also heard good things about FW mission blitzing.

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