Returning player look for blops or small gang

Interested in getting back into blops or regular small gangs.

Mostly experienced in logi small gang and EW

Hey might have what your looking for through me an ingame mail we can see if we’re teh right fit.

What’s your typical prime time?

What about some asskicking that actually CHANGES NEW EDEN!!?? and look good wile doing it? :sunglasses: :policeman:

hey come check us out o7

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Hi there Lugh

Welcome back to eve m8:)

If you can consider an independent pvp corp operating in venal (null sec npc) with focus in roams and camps please make sure to check our website for more info.

There you will find more about who we are and access to our discord server:)

Best of luck finding a new home


No blops unfortunately but small-gang is our jam. Would love an EWAR pilot to join our group!

What time zone are you in? We’re EU/East coast US if that works for you.

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Hello my friend , we would be interested to speak with you 🇬🇧 Join the Imperial Fleet and fight for the Empire!


hey you sound like a good fit with us, we are a null sec alliance in pure blind minimal blues we run small gangs daily and blops often check us out sometime o/

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