Returning player looking for a bit of everything

Hey all, I spent some time away and I’ve returned. I’m looking for a corps that’ll help me learn the ropes again about combat, exploration, surveying etc. I’d also appreciate some help honing the skills needed to explore the outer reaches. I want to start contributing more to the ever expanding story, so participating in Incursions, event based missions, anything I can contribute to, I just need a place to start.

Oh, hi there, Omega Jovakko!

A little bit of everything?
We have everything and lots of it. Even room for expansion and improvement.

Ratting, mining, exploration, construction - we can do anything in Delve. We also have an internal channel, where one can ask just about any EVE related question, which is awesome not just for our newbees, but even the tenured capsuleers. There’s always something you don’t know yet and you’ll get your answers there.

We’re a family focused not only on the sucess of the corp, but on the individual.

It’s a terrible lovely game and for some reason we like to play it.
Together. Sucessful. Awesome!

Join our recruitment channel: TLRE Recruitment

Even more info about us:

o/ PVP heavy Corp come have chat in our Discord Server

We do mostly PVP but good space for PVE/Mining

Check us out:

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