Returning player looking for an indy corp or indy based position

Hey tiredpineapple,

We’re primarily USTZ so not sure how well that fits in for you. Other TZs are welcome but unless there is some overlap you may be flying solo sometimes unless we get other AU players. We’re a new wormhole corp living in a C4.

Don’t know how much experience you have with wormholes but jspace newbies are welcome. As are both pvp hunters and industry folks alike. We have a couple indy/miners/PI types in here starting their operations up.

You don’t need to be tremendously bloodthirsty when it comes to pvp but at the end of the day in wormholes there are some scenarios where you need to undock and defend your home if you want to keep living there. Now that could easily be flying something like logi if that is more to your taste but I want to be transparent about the fact that non consensual pvp can and does happen.

Check out our posting and feel free to reach out if you are interested/have any questions.

Fly safe o7