Returning Player Looking for Chilled ,relaxed Corp

hi my best days in ever where like over 10 years ago lol . things have changed and i am in need of retraining , i am also older and want to relax and have fun chatting . i generally speaking enjoy all things in eve from a fun pvp roam to chilling out in a barge mining roids. i was used to null sec living (old school) no idea what you guys get up too now

if you think you can offer me lots of people to chat to in a none to serious enviroment please contact , i am no power gamer though so if your taking yourselfs ultra seriously please forgive me but im not interested in that at my age lol

thank you for reading


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Hi there Macalba,

From what you wrote i think we might be a great option for you to consider.

Morts is part of winmatar alliance and we operate from venal (npc null) and we have a very simple gameplay.

Below you have a few point on why we might be what you are looking for m8

1, No sov warfare. No structure bashing nor cta’s
2. No sov space to bother off.
3, No Sp/Exp requirements. Time will fix that for you:)
4, No api/seat b-llsh-t. We welcome spies to spy for us:)
5, No big fleet warfare. Say goodbye too TiDI and anchor +F1
6, No corp tax. Yes you read it right 0 % CORP TAX. You keep all the isk you make:)
7, Make 500m/hr doing guristas missions to fund your pvp
8, You will matter for us. Morts is a family and we take care of our own
9, Small/midsize pvp. Your skills will actualy matter this time
10, Fly what you can afford to lose.
11. Very laidback game expeirence
12, and much morrrrreeeeee

Join our discord and lets chat for a bit


thanks man , i will dscord you soon , text chat only atm. would need to re enable my mic

sure m8

its all good :slight_smile:

Yo m8, what about becoming the “good” guys of the game :sunglasses:

someone gotta fight those pirates right? Well who better than the POLICE force, anyway, mature and chilled, RL first and No obligations, have a look at the add, you might enjoy the whole thing :grinning:

ok guys i think i found somewhere that will suit me . hope so anyway , ty for the posts and have fun out there

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We are corporation of USTZ and EUTZ players looking for like minded individuals to join our laid back PVP community! Our leadership recently returned and created our start up dragging old friends and enemies alike to PVP and create content for all those involved!

We are extremely interested in returning players like ourselves.

The corporation has a plethora of experienced directors and fleet commanders who strive to take the bullcrap out of the game so the content comes easy for our members! We formed this corporation to begin a new chapter in our eve careers and we would like you to come along! We are looking for pilots who wish to center themselves around real people in real PVP settings, looking to follow us to some of the most exotic places in eve while trying to get the fix that we so happily PLEX our accounts for! If you fit our requirements and wish to help build a better pvp experience maybe you can step, Into the Ether…


  • We are part of WE FORM V0LTA, based in the Fade Region and constantly deploying to a content zone near you!
  • We have a very short list of blues and 99% of eve is neutral - we go shooting NIGHTLY.

ISK Opportunities:

  • Null-sec access is available for all your pvp funding needs.
  • Moon Rentals, mining, ratting, DED, archaeology and data mining, whatever you need to fund the bloodshed.


  • No Hard SP Requirement but must be PVP Focused
  • Dread Alt (Mandatory)
  • Useful Light Tackle Alt/Dictor/Cyno Alt (Mandatory)
  • Mumble and Discord access
  • Must join comms and have an operational microphone (non negotiable)
  • Self sufficient
  • Consistent schedule and activity as RL allows (the significant other comes first)
  • Over the age of 18
  • ESI SEAT/Auths for ALL characters
  • Screenshot of your ESI page to prove the character on each account. (Since you can’t see that like you could with API)

Additional Information:

Hey, we are a newer corp of mature players, a combo of old ayers returning and new players. Our aim is to have casual fun while teaching newbros the game. We are hs at the moment until our numbers increase, but we have allies in all spaces of the game.

Come mine some rocks with us and check us out.

Proud Member of Eternal Requiem

✪ Chill R.L.C.F. Group of mature people
✪ Industry ツ and PvP :skull_and_crossbones: oriented corp.
✪ Plenty of ISK making opportunities to fund PVP.

10,000,000 SP minimum
Must be self-sufficient in: Rating in 0.0, Mining, Exploring, etc…
1 FAT eligible fleet per number of toons in corp

Experienced Leadership with many years of 0.0 experience.

Check out our website if you would like to know more:
Rebels and Renegades

Hey, Macalba

Hopefully I’m not too late to this party. I’m from Unqualified Chaos. We are a chill group that cares more about simply having fun than being a bunch of sweaty tryhards.

I’d love to have a conversation with you, see if we’d be a good fit for one another. Check us out and see what you think!

A new relaxed High Sec Corp LF new/returning players. I’m older as well, give us a look and if you like what you see come chat in our discord!


Hey man no joke you sound like 95% of our members, come swing by and check us out here is my recruitment post with contact details at the bottom.

We aim for active, supportive and generally just cool folks to hang with while doing the things we all like to do. Ratting, mining, Reactive and active PVP we have it all


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