Returning player- looking for Corp in Null

Good morning all-
I have been off and on in EVE for many years. I tend to join, do some Hi-Sec PVE, get bored and log off for another 6 months. I have never had that group of people in this game that keep you around. Did try a Null Corp last time, and they were great, just wasn’t a good fit.

This time I want to do it right. I am looking for a Corp that is small enough that they have time and want to teach me the finer details of EVE. And big enough that they are active throughout the week.

I have 29M skill points, mostly in Caldari missile boats. I want to do some PI, some fun Null PVE, and learn how to PVP with an active group of people.

I play for a bit 3-4 nights a week(US CST) and a bit more on the weekends.

Thanks in advance.

Hey krayyne,

do you have any interest to live in wh space?

Hey man check us out “into the ether” we are the most active us corp in we form blob alliance based out of fade/dek area

Nightly fleet fights, corp roams and game nights

Idk faucets galore

Into the Ether come chat with us

You are welcome with us :slightly_smiling_face:
Join our Discord :grinning:

Come speak with us :slight_smile:

come and check us out !

We are truly a family here at CEEK.
Some members are HUGE into PI, some top pvp players, got 3 top moons to mine and are part of the BEST alliance in the game.

Shoot me a mail in game.

Hey dude, feel free to check us out :slight_smile:

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