Returning player looking for indie corp to do some ice mining

15m SP roughly just came back from a long hiatus to pick the game up again. Just looking for a chill group to do some ice mining EU/US tz.

We may have what you’re looking for.

feel free to contact our mining director in game dorfsorc he can help you get back into busting rocks and ice

also, we have 89.3% reprocessing rate

I know we’re hs (ewww) but we got a lot of what you’re looking for.

Are you burnt out on null politics? Want to fly with a group that isn’t toxic? Want to help build something with a community of mature players who are willing to help?

Join us at The Order of Omerta …

We are The Order of Omerta and we are mostly a mining/indy corp. But we also enjoy missions/abyssals. We are looking for veteran and newer players alike to join our various fleets and help us build this Corp and alliance. Proud members of Seker Matar alliance.

We are tiny but were trying to find chill folks to who like to hang out with like-minded people while shooting the ■■■■ on coms. (discord)

What we offer:
Buyback programs
Engineering structures
Mining boosts
Nearly maxed out reprocessing
Moon mining
PvP roams and filament fleets (soon)
WH mining and exploration
Relaxed attitude
All time zones are welcome (us strongest with growing eu base and au eu strong in alliance)

What we Want:
Mic for coms
Esi check
Active for at least once a week (in eve online)
Bonus points if you like to pvp and don’t mind helping newbros out.
Relaxed attitude (it’s a game not a lifestyle)
Open mind (if you can’t handle people who are different or opinions that don’t match yours then don’t apply)

Future plans:
PvP wing.
Lowsec presence
Stronger industry supply chain (reactions/Gas huffing/mass production)
Wormhole presence

We are trying to build a great community and welcome others to join and help us create a great corp and alliance.

Come say hi and we will be happy to answer any question.
Discord The Order of Omerta
In game channel Omerta Recruitment

Hey Lin Kei, Thanks for coming back to the game.

Depending on what you would like to do in addition to Ice mining (please note we already have a good area for this to which you will have easy access), we can help you in most of the other parts of the game.

We can provide you with the HS life and guide you through Abyssals, Mission running, DED combat site Guidance, and even help you get started on incursions.

We have access to a WH that gives you C3/C4 combat sites, Moons to mine, we even have occasional Ore sites that have Null ores that pop up(and GAS).

On top of that, we have industrialists that have over 30 years of combined experience to help you min/max everything. Because of that, we have spreadsheets that can show you what’s profitable at a glance from Mods, Ships, Even caps, and citadels. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to.

All that we ask is that you be active in discord when you can. We are a small tightly knit group of people that love to teach so long as you are 18 yrs or older.

Do me a favor and drop by and say Hi, let’s get to know each other and see what happens. ISK.Net

Hey Lin Kel - welcome back. We are EU / US TZ focused, and a solid group of pilots. Null Sec based, with a regularly spawning Ice Field right in our home system.

More details here: [EU/US] Elysium is recruiting! [PVP] [PVE] [Industry]

We are most easily defined as “Industry with Teeth” - so if you are a miner that’s happy to strap into a T1 Frig / Cruiser when we are under attack, we may just be a great fit for you.

Feel free to ping me in Discord so that we can discuss: Elysium.

Cheers Mate - o/

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