Returning Player looking for Low sec pvp/ ded sites

Hello, Looking for a fun, pirate sort of corp in low sec. I really hate bubbles, and like running ded’s for $$, and want to improve my sneaky pvp.

Hi, might this be something for you mate? → Discord

Hey ,

Do you have any interest in WH space by any chance?

hey, discord link didnt work

I prefer low sec. Like i said, hate those warp bubbles.

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Join the official eve online discord by searching for it then go down to the corp recruitment then look for a thread called the enlightened - a player faction . Guess you have to do this way if the link does not work + you get to join the official eve online discord if you have not allready done so.

okay, thanks bud appreciate it

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Come fly with Ones Above,

We’re out in devoid, Sansha’s DEDs are paying out well, we’ve got angels and blood raiders within 2-3 jumps. seeking to control the DEDs out here. Throw in an app or message me in game @ kingchip randchip

You Are Welcome

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