Returning player looking for Null sec corp - EUTZ

Hi there! I’m returning to EVE after an extensive break, and honestly feeling a little more than overwhelmed, so I’m going to need some help getting back up to speed. Most of my experience in EVE has been PvP related, but now I also want to try my hand at industrial stuff. I’ll be running 2 accounts for now, a 135M SP PvP pilot and a new 10M SP Indy pilot. Feel free to start a chat with this char or Brann Skye if you need more info.

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Take a look at lizards

We are EU TZ Null sec corp, we are not industrial focus, but plenty of members who do industrial and open to new apps.

fly sideways

Hi Lord,

Welcome back!

We in The Riot Formation [RIOT.] also had a little break but we’re back now and ready for action!

Speak to @Wishdokkta_CEO , he may even give you a shout via Evemail at some point tomorrow.

We’re currently a part of Darkness [DARK.] and there’s plenty of content at the moment. We’re a bunch of guys here to have a good time. We’ve also got a public channel The Kings Head. Anyone in there can help you with pretty much anything. Be great to meet you and chat and our guys can certainly get you back up to speed if you need.

Here’s Wish’s message he’s put out, but please feel free to get in touch.


My corps a small but growing one in the Razor Alliance and we’re looking for pilots to come PVP and have some good home space to make Isk in.

We have a good structure and some dedicated pilots to teaching newer players the ropes and we’re all more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

RezCo Discord - Home of the Dank Memes


Welcome back to the game. It sounds like a familiar story for many of us at MASS. Some of us are returning members of MASS, looking to start up this once glorious corp to its former might, while others are former members of Stain Alliance, which MASS founded while others are returning players looking for a new challenge.

In the past year since MASS has been reformed we’ve been lucky enough to become part of Mercenary Collation, so there’s always something going on and we are always out looking for a fight. We are one of the oldest and in old school circles, most well known corps out there.

If you fancy becoming a part of eve history, then get in touch.

Here’s a link to our recruitment post.


I’m part of a newly formed corp that is over in Sov Null space, great space to run the industrial toon and always something going on each night for the PvP toon too !

Best of both worlds… more info in the advert here if you fancy reading it, or message me in game for a chat.

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