Returning Player Looking For PvP Opportunities

I am returning to the game after a LONG time away. I am thinking about getting back onto the PvP scene again so I am posting here to see whats new and whats on offer in case anyone needs a very rusty pilot.


  • Returning player, been in a friends Hi-Sec PvE corps for the last year, but have only been actively playing again for the last week or so.
  • 160m+ SP - Combat focused, sub capital with FC skills (at least, the ‘old’ ones, happy to train the ‘new’ ones if needed).
  • UK based (active c.1900-2300)
  • Available weekends only and will likely only manage between 2-4 times a month (see how things go).
  • Happy to use Discord/Teamspeak.
  • Happy to be a line pilot, but I prefer (or at least, used to prefer) taking specialist/niche roles like fleet scout, deep recon, EWAR.
  • Ex-Morsus Mihi/Northern Alliance - if they even still exist!
  • Naturally, I will leave my current corps if opportunities tempt me.

What I am looking for:

  • PvP - ideally large fleet actions, but also smaller fleet stuff as well.
  • Some help getting my head back into the game (what’s changed/ help with noob questions about stuff ive forgotten).
  • Ideally (once ive got back into the swing of things) opportunities for fleet scouting/deep recce etc.
  • Ideally, reimbursement of lost fleet ships. This used to be a thing ‘back in my day’, I dont know if its still done?
  • A corp that takes itself seriously, but recognises this is a game/hobby, has a sense of humor and appreciates that real life comes first.

So - whats new and who’s out there EVE?

Hey come check us out!

Check us out brother! One of the most active low-sec groups.

if i may introduce you to the chad alliance

Greetings Reiko

It would be great if you could check us out. We have everything you may seek in EvE online.

Public Channel – L1ZRD PUB

Points of contact –
Claytis (Discord Claytis#9298)
Mick Rosco

Recruitment Status – Open

What we look for:
• 20+ Years of age
• Voice comms (discord)
• 35+mil SP (Preferred but will Consider less SP pilots for the right person)
• PVP focused
• Solid sense of humour, we love / can take good banter.

What you can expect:
• Strong UK/EU time zone presence
• Daily PVP roams
• Active members
• Experience and willing to assist
• Corp JF service
• Sov For all you ISK making needs
• Weekly BLOPS fleets

We look forward to hearing from you soon! flysafe o7

Corp Discord: Pandemic Lizards.

Hi Reiko,
Saw this post and thought we could be a good fit for you. Please take a look at our forum post for a better idea of who we are and what we are all about.

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Hi. You should check out Noir. We’re a merc alliance that’s currently active in GalMil, but we take contracts all over the game, doing everything from NS constellation harassments to WH structure saves to making timers in an area to see who sides with who. We’ve been around quite a while, long enough to have our own module and we even have the undisputed longest running EVE podcast.

Our players are fairly evenly split between EU and US TZ so you will have people to fly with. If objective oriented PvP sounds interesting to you, come chat with us on our Discord.

Hello Reiko Yamamoto!

First of all, welcome back to the game.
Secondly i can offer something new since it’s an upstart community. So per definition new :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So have a look at it since you wanted to have a look on what’s new :slight_smile:
The Enlightened #PvE #Industrial #Mining #Faction Warfare #Mercenary work #Piracy & Crime #Policeing #Politics #Democracy #Roleplay #High/Low/00/WH Sec #Faction missions # Citizenry #Social structure #Deathrace #corp/alliance absorption - #4 by Tryme_Trymsson .

From the list of the things you are looking for: We do not do reimbursements, we have another system in place. You loan fitted ships that will be returned after the operation is done. We want players to focus on character development instead of ships and the like. Let the character grow while the corp takes the fall of the losses.
PvP? Np you got access to pvp through faction warfare. + The times we fleet up for operations.
Real life always takes priority! Corps are serious but casual. Depending on the players playstile.
Questions? Ask them but we might not always be able to have an answer. But we know where to look.
If you wish to fc or specialize into a roll in our fleets then that’s a big plus too.

We are currently 3 people in total so it’s fresh but i think this can grow to an empire in due time. I can not offer what the big alliances can offer but with time and commitment (after real life) we can get there and become even better and unique. Come and help build up this community.

Have a continues good day
// Tryme Trymsson


EVE University is always open to new and returning players. We have tons of in game content for most playstyles and you can always attend classes without joining. Our fleets and classes will provide a great refresher on EVE and you can always build on new skills with our Mentor program or by climbing up the ranks of the FC team. We have no PAPs and minimal activity requirements. You also get to meet a lot of people from other corporations so you can test the waters and find the right fit. You can also build your EVE CV through earning cool medals or volunteering for staff roles.

You can find out how to apply Here.

Come Check us out we have what you are looking for.

Hey there, TSSOC is a long time corp, filled with great members. a perfect place for someone to get back into the game

come say hi !

Hi there m8

I see you got some great offers but that would mean being part of the blue doughnut gameplay and deal with all what comes around with that.

what our corp and alliance offers you m8 its a greater challenge where its us against EVERY ONE else.

we are 100% independent and we do play eve to have fun not to be a second job.

If you want to know more i guess you can have a look at our latest vid we have made below

and if you want to speak with us you can also join our discord and talk to us

best of luck finding a new place


you are welcome with us :grinning:

What could be better than living out of npc space, and not having to worry if your group leaves you behind at times for not beeing able to be arround and pack…

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