🇬🇧 TEMPLAR High Activity Null Sec 0.0 Corporation - [INIT]



In a fire fight, where the bad things live, in the coldest of the cold, the darkest of the dark places, It’s about the person next to you.

Recruitment Program Status: OPEN

Join like minded people who want to experience all opportunities New Eden has to offer, Moon,Gas, Ore and Ice mining, PVE, PVP, make Isk but always remember you are the Imperator’s Templar, immortal warrior of the Imperium!

What do we offer?
Excellent Ratting / mining -1 sec
Corp buyback - loot, moon, ore, salvage & PI
Logistics service
Excellent infrastructure
Group of social players of all ages
PvP roams & deployments
SRP For Doctrine ships
Fully indexed military and industry system
The most well stocked Null-Sec region market in New Eden.
Jump freighter service to and from Jita and other areas.
Free ratting ships for new members
Mumble, Forums, and Discord
Battle buddies willing to help

Recruitment Team:
Naxor Nardieu HR Lead
Orion Cassini Dagada Morr US TZ
TazaraktheDeceiver Logi Locke Locke EU TZ

If you would like to join and become a Templar of the Imperium Apply here: TEMPLAR PUBLIC DISCORD
Corp Public channel ingame OUTREMER
Register your characters here


“The Imperium is fortunate to have the INITIATIVE as a partner, a high speed, low drag, special forces group deploying to our enemies back field and creating havoc!” THE MITTANI 2020

The Future of War Begins!

#Do you want to drop your Dreadnought on battle shocked nerds? No problem!

#Do you want to drop Black Ops Battleships on annoying nerds disturbing our space? No problem!

#Do you want to ambush greedy nerds in their multi billion isk Rorquals and Super carriers? No problem!

Join the Uprising!

#Make Isk using free Battle ships, T2 ships, Capital ships and Marauders!

#Use Capital industrial ships to support our Corp mates to mine plentiful resources and become filthy rich!

Become part of something greater than yourself

#What do we do when we are not killing?

#Hang out with our friends in our small friendly gaming community!



If you want PVP and access to space to make money, come join.

Recruitment is open, if you want access to make ISK and PVP on your doorstep come join.

Recruitment to one of the best corps in the best alliances is still open!

Free bump for the templars.
Will find you in game 07

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Weekend bump.

Some top pilots joining our team, apply today to get in on the action.

Still recruiting if you are EU TZ come check us out.

Experience the New Dawn, age of prosperity in a resource rich environment that is our home.

Any small/medium High Sec Indy Corps, Pirate Corps, Mining Corps or PvP Corps that want to break into the Null Sec Alliance community of New Eden, please come and talk with us for more information.

Easy money, easy kills!

Happy Friday!
Our team has recruited some great pilots toady into our community
If your reading this you could be here with us soon!

How are you spending your Saturday? Join Templar, have fun, shoot stuff make dank isk.

We will remember them!

Today was a good day!

Recruitment is open.

We’re still recruiting come join In game channel OUTREMER for more information.

Recruitment is open.

Stop by our Discord for a chat!

Lots of quality players joined us this week.