85 mill sp toon with 2 other high sp alts looking for a eu based nullsec corp

Hi i have been playing for a few years and am looking for a new home i have a dread/ carrier alt and can fly max skill logi and almost all mainline dps on my main with a 3rd alt that can transition to either.
Looking for a eu (or mainly a uk group) living in decent nullsec to move to let me kno if interested

Hi Donald,

Venal based eutz corp here. Feel free to drop into our discord to discuss this a bit more

Good morning :slight_smile:

It’s great to see a EU player again! Last few recuits have been US and I’be been wondering why all of a sudden no EU players are around :stuck_out_tongue:
UMAH is a mixed corporation, US and EU but a tad more active on the EU side. We wish to improve both our timezones so happy to have a chat!

If you wanna join discord, that would be easiest way. If you wanna read up on us, we have our EVE Forum thread HERE.

Short about us:

  • Part of The Initiative.
  • Have own “small corp home in npc space”
  • Mixed playstyle and encourage fleet participation in alliance. PVP/Indy/Mining/PVE … we got it all and offer just about as everything EVE can offer.
  • No toxic behavior is OK, never have been and never will be. We respect eachother, within and outside of the corporation.
  • Real life is important, we do not demand you to be online whenever - just as we assume you will not demand us being constant online to serve <3

I would say UMAH have a very good atmosphere, friendly but still determined on what we want to achive. We rather use a carrot than the stick. Motivation and encouragement instead of punishment. It’s a game afterall :slight_smile:

If above is of any interest, join discord or ingame channel, UMAH_Pub and ping me or the recruitment team :slight_smile: UMAH or not - have a good time in EVE and I hope you find a suitable corp for you!


Hi Donald,

I don’t usually reply to these adverts as they get swamped with copy paste answers, but yours caught my eye as I am a huge logi fan, with Repswarm, the Imperium’s logi/logi-anchor SIG.

I’m UK based myself, and run a small active corp that is at least nominally EU. In practice we do have members from a range of countries.

We are in Lawn alliance, which is Imperium, giving you access to Delve plus some bonus regions, the 1DQ1-A market and endless fleets. As a corp, we have our own good quality moons and pocos. We roam weekly on late EUTZ and are currently holding a corp deployment.

You can check out our corp advert on these forums here: Revival. - Nullsec Sov - PVP - EUTZ
but better, come chat with us on our public Discord Revival. Public or in game channel “Revival.”

All the best with your search for a new home
/ Riever

Hi Donald,

I just bumped our Corp recruitment post and saw this.

EU Alliance Yes
UK Corp Yes
Live in decent Nullsec Yes

Chat here [TEMPLAR.](https://TEMPLAR DISCORD)

Hi Donald

League of Gentlemen has members from all over, with several from UK, EU and US. UK and US CEO/Directors, so people will be active when you are.

We live in null, lots of pvp and pve opertunities. We are also doing some of the new faction warfare content with alts currently, its been fun.

As a member of a large null alliance, caps are needed and used too so you already have that covered :slight_smile:

The corps been around since the start of Eve, loads of experiance and proud history.

More info on us in the link below. Drop by log pub or come and see us on Discord if you would like to hear more.

Hey dude!

Check Deaths Consortium out! Were active in Drone lands / geminate, And have sigs for all styles of gameplay including Blackops and Nano roaming.

you are welcome with us

so i can give you all the bla bla that thay do or you can just take a look

Hi Donald

If you can consider being part of a small and independent pvp alliance please make sure to check our latest recruitment video below

If you want to speak with us you are more than welcome to join our discord server for a chit chat

take care and best of luck finding a good home


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