70m with 40m alt- Back after 8 years!

So I took a break when my son was born and well… the break took a bit longer than I expected it…

What I offer:

  • Main account: Carrier / Dread / Hictor / BLOPs and more
  • Second account: Industry but also Logi / Tengu
  • Have a Moros collecting dust somewhere. Have enough isk / ships kicking around to get myself up and running
  • My work is seasonal so I’ll be on a lot in the winter and a bit less June to October
  • Spent a bit of time in Cobalt Edge / Tenal so I have some idea of how things run.

What I’m looking for:

  • Large busy corp (150 plus preferable)
  • Mature crowd (if I want to listen to some mid-puberty dbag spew n-bombs / homophobia, I’ll unmute them on Counter Strike)
  • Some mentorship getting caught up on all the changes (Tri-who?)
  • Quiet, stable Null-Sec (carrier ratting is still a thing, right?)
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we are not huge corp, but are part of a large alliance living in busy space. Long time coorp of mature players, give us a look:

Do you have interest in WH by any chance?

o7 hope you are well judging from your post you are eutz if thats correct i’d like to invite you to come have a chat with me the relevant information about our corp is linked below if this interests you please mail myself or W0wbagger ingame :slight_smile: best of luck on the hunt for your forever home

Hey man, sound like you’ve been dedicating your time to your No.1. That’s cool, some of the best memories made when the guys are small.

Would love to find out what triggered a come back for you, if your willing :slight_smile:

I hail from South Sun Industries, and like to invite you talk about what we can offer each other. We have guys in our corp who can appreciate how the game was when you left and can jump start you back into EVE. Check our advert, see if we tick any of your boxes, and slide in to the discord.

Hope to see you soon! have a good evening :slight_smile:

Welcome back to eve :slight_smile: come speak to us

Hey Arcturus

Come check us out, No Mercy are recruiting
Public channel in game: No.Mercy Pub

Sync up

o7 After reading your post I think you’d be a awesome fit if you could spare 5 minutes to read my post and if you like what you’ve read then please contact me either ingame or on discord my tag is Wicked#9830 thanks for taking the time and fly dangerously o/

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