Returning player Multiple 50 mil+ characters looking for new null home

Returning player after a hiatus looking for a new home i do it all pve industry and pvp looking for a new 0.0 corp if you fly with anyone from papi its a no go.
i have a cap alt
a fleet of miner alts
and 3 pvp characters


We are a pretty group of guys who just want to pvp all day, in a 0.0 null sec alliance up north in pure blind. We all came back together during covid and never left. drop by if it sounds interesting o/ ingame channel “keebler moon elves”

Hello friend

We would love to speak with you 🇬🇧 Join the Imperial Fleet and fight for the Empire!

Hey Bondolo,

we are a medium sized, PVP focused corp in the alliance We Form V0lta. We are currently based in Fade, Deklein and Pure Blind. We have access to both, friendly space to PVE and hostile space to PVP next door.

If this sounds like it could be something for you, feel free to check out our forum post or stop by our discord to chat

Hey Bondolo,

I think my corp Rusted and Rejuvenated would be a great fit for you! We currently live in Cloud Ring with Triumvirate. ! We are tight-knit, very active, and enjoy PvP of all kinds, whether that be alliance ops or going on small gang roams. We however specialize in small gang PvP in particular. We are currently looking for people within the US and EU TZ, who have experience and are interested in a null sec experience outside of a big block.

Below is what we offer:

  • Solo and Group PvP opportunities
  • Alliance Level Large Fleet opportunities in both NA an EU TZ
  • Corp run Small Gang NA and EU TZ Ops and Roaming
  • Opportunities for training including FC training for future FC’s
  • 100% Alliance SRP to cover ship losses during strat ops
  • An Active Teamspeak 3, Discord, and custom Web services
  • Nullsec ratting
  • Nullsec Mining and Production Facilities
  • Jump Freighter service and logistical support


  • Omega Required for all accounts
  • A working mic with access to TeamSpeak required
  • Access to Discord required
  • ESI Token for all characters required
  • Recent small gang experience and/or large fleet experience desired
  • Alts for use as Dictor, Cap and/or Cynos strongly desired.
  • Caldari & Minmatar doctrine capabilities strongly desired

If you would like to inquire about joining us please feel free to reach out through our recruitment channel “Trust in Rust” or PM the following leadership:

Corp CEO:
Saladon Dragonfist

Head Recruitment/Corp XO:
Vladamier Donvendonish

EU Recruiter:
Lafien Venind

You can also reach us through our discord: Rusty Boys Welcome
Zkill: Rusted and Rejuvenated | Corporation | zKillboard

Hey, Eve Defence Force is in Imperium and you’ll have chance to engage in all activities you like, and as you should know, we’re not easy to kill, so as long as you haven’t been in pappi recently you might find a home with us.

Our discord is here: Eve Defence Force
Our main recruitment thread is here: Eve Defence Force - as old as Eve itself

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