Returning Player (Last played 2017) looking for 0.0 Home

Returning player as per title, looking for new 0.0 home.

Looking to get into an active and growing alliance, with an emphasis on allowing character development.
EU to US TZ (19:00 TO 02:00)

Looking for mostly PVP, but with an area to easliy make isk.

Happy to train into any doctrine / fleet ship requirements.

Hey man welcome back. Have you considered Faction Warfare? Can make easy isk and it’s basically all PVP. If you’re interested let me know with a mail.

If not, no worries then I am sure by the end of the day youll have about 10 nullsec offers.

Hi @Gallentior

Welcome back! I run an EUTZ PVP Corp in Null Sec so should have everything you want!

We’re The Dark Vanguard - a small (but growing) and tight knit corp within a relatively young alliance Sigma Grindset.

Killboard is here: The Dark Vanguard | Corporation | zKillboard

Discord is here: The Dark Vanguard

And full corp advert is here: The Dark Vanguard - EUTZ Null Sec Corp (Newbro Friendly)

You Are Welcome :slight_smile:

Hey man, have you ever considered WH space?

Less BLOB, more smaller fights and ISK is crazy too. If you are somewhat interested, feel free to check us out :

Welcome back, Gallentior! I’m a (relatively) recent returnee, myself; well, if you consider about two years ago “recent”.

I’m Cephelange, or Ceph (“Seff”) for short. I’m lead recruiter for Aegis Reforged, a younger corp (recently celebrated our one year anniversary), and we’re on the lookout for folks whose interests and demeanor match ours.

We primarily focus on PvP, PvE, mining, and manufacturing. As a member of the Already Replaced alliance, we live in the Immensea region, and have quite a few ISK generating opportunities.

There are plenty of combat and mining anomalies, and we have access to moon mining, and pretty good PI, to boot. Both the corp and alliance have buyback programs for NPC loot, PI, and ore.

For more details, please check out our recruiting post, and if you like what you see, please drop me a line in-game!

I wish you success on your search, no matter where it lands you.

Give me a call or come to our server

We live in NPC Nullsec and would love to talk to ya

Check us out! Member of Init. 2003 corp. Lots of old players and new alike.


Hey man, welcome back! We are a small growing corporation in cloud ring Null called SubLight that is finding our way in space. We have experienced pilots in corp as well as new pilots alike creating an amazing environment for player development and growth. Due to where we are in space, along with our alliance, we are dripping with pvp content in both EU and US times with massive alliance fleets running multiple times a day, along with large standing fleets. If you want to blow some stuff up, we definitely have a home for ya! feel free to join our discord and get plugged in!

Gallentior Hello, we have a great setup in Stain and a friendly team, we have goals and development plans and plenty of content on the political warfront to keep things very interesting.

We are looking for EU and US players to join us out in Stain, amazing PVE and PVP at every corner from solo/small gang up to big fleet fights with our coalition. Feel free to stop by our Discord if interested and please refer back to this post: STA'IN

just take a look :smiley:

Welcome back to the game

hello we are a laid back corp located out in nullsec join our discord and see if we are a fit for you

jump into shield 107 in game for a chat, see if we r a good fit for each other… EU TZ small corp attached to NS alliance.

Sounds like we might fit. Come chat with us!!

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