Returning Player [SEA/AU TZ] [Indy-Manufacturing/PI wannabe]

Hello Recruiters,

I’m returning to the game after 2years I think. I forgot most of the stuff, but I searched old forums for my original post, so I’m reposting it. Keep in mind i dont remember most stuff so I will need relearn all of it!!!

I also want to participate on the huge wars to come. Mostly the reason i came back.

What I look for:

  1. An active Corp (on SEA/AU Time zone) + Alliance;
  2. Indy Corporation or Strong Indy Wing;
  3. Strong to mandatory VOIP Comms(TS, Vent, Mumble, RC);
  4. Knowledge about the game and it´s meta;
  5. Help me with Manufacturing/PI career
  6. Corporation with a GOALS and Plans!

What I´m and offer:

  • Fun and mature behavior;
  • Able to handle criticism;
  • Layback to Semi-Hardcore;
  • Career - Industry Manufacturing / PI !

Questions I would ask:

  • Does your corp have the meanings to support my chosen career? Buyback, BPO’s, POS?
  • Are you willing to help me understand my career path and help me fit inside of your corp?
  • I have a life, but if I’m willing to put efforts I hope corp is also motivated. Are you?
  • Have I asked what’s your corporations GOALS already?

Hey Jing Ren,

Since you’re a very manufacturer heavy focused toon it sounds like with an aspiration for blood. I would like to let you know that SBBAL is recruiting. We’re looking to push out AU/SEA timezones more since we have players we just want to expand. Below is a rorq save that took place we do have those often. So indy players are protected under the umbrella. We also have t2 producers and corp moons that you can mine.

I’ll link our ad below. If you are close to the requirements don’t hesitate to chat us up in our public discord if you have any questions.

Forum Post


Hey Millineon,

It seems I dont match some of the requirements, I was never able to play a year of eve, and T3 stuff.

If you are still looking for a corporation that supports industry, hit me up ingame, my name is AFLuXx.

Still open for opportunities. Please hit me up here or ingame mail.

Still open for oportunities, asia timezone corps.

You can have a look into Siege Green, they are majority Korean i believe.

I will check, but I dont speak korean/japanese/chinese …hahah

they speak English quite well

Still going on

Are you Still looking for a home/place of belonging?

Hi Hi Jing Ren,

We’re a smallish but growing industrial corp named Club Zer0, we’re part of the NEMA alliance, and we’re looking to spread our wings across all time zones, We have a few Aussie and UK players, but mostly North American (I’m based there, but work night shift, so I’m probably on your time, ha!).

C’mon and check us out!

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