Returning Player to Amarr Space (US-East TZ)

I’ve been away from EVE for some time and have come back to my favorite game. I developed my main as a little bit of everything but had mostly focused on PVE, Trade and Industry back when I was playing EVE seriously.

I have a small stash of supporting stuff and just want a community to work with. I’m looking for a FW corp to support the Holy Empire that wants someone who wants to learn FW pep but also likes taking time out occasionally to keep my planets going, mine on occasion, and build stuff.

I work a demanding job so Friday/Saturday night is my best time to be in fleets, but as I have free time, I’ll do indy stuff throughout the week.

Any Amarr FW corps looking for someone like me?

You Are Welcome With Us :grinning:

We have Great Space For Pve/PVP
Join our Corporation Discord :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re a corp in Amarr FW with a bit of sov in nearby Providence (so you could set up nullsec PI, which is far more lucrative than Empire). Our focus is PvP.

We’re more than happy to teach if you’re Omega, active, and willing to learn.

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