Returning Player with 180+ mil SP looks for decent adventurer corp

Hi there!

I played EVE from 2005 to approx 2012, the first four or five years on a daily basis, and just reactivated my old account. I have no idea anymore how to play EVE or how to do things in EVE. RL 60+ years old, located in Germany, speaking German and English, disability retired with an incurable cancer, and lots of time but not much energy. I will not be a reliable daily player, but plan to log in at least a couple days per week for a few hours after approx. 21 hrs CET.

The character was PvE and industry focused, but I’d like to engage in exploring and scavenging now, and won’t shy away from PvP. I’m not out to amass riches or power, and am not interested in Alliance politics and warfare. I just want to have a fun time with interesting people.

I’m ISK independent and come with money and assets worth well over 300 bil ISK according to the in-game sum up. What I have might become an asset to the corp, but what I can do will be severely underwhelming because I forgot everything.

I’m looking for a corp with mature players and decent social skills. I have little tolerance for ■■■■ talk and treating other people disrespectful. Behind each player in-game is a human being at a keyboard, and I’m a devoted advocate to never forget that. If your corp is not territorial but rather a travelling band of adventurers to explore the 7,000+ star systems of EVE for finding interesting stuff, I would love to hear from you. Lastly: I won’t join a Pirate or PK corp.


You are Welcome

Long time corp, great memebrs, living in a busy area of Null

come say hi !

Hey Juwi!
We feel every aspect of your post, we also have some older players in our ranks. We are split between Timezones but are mainly EU based. We love to teach and show new players or even old ones about all the crazy ■■■■ we’ve learned from playing. I’d like to chat with you further. you can find some details about our corp in the link provided. There’s methods to reaching out to us so we can chat.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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