Returning player with some others

UPDATE: I’ve posted this as a reply below already…We have found our alliance home. Thank you to all those that reached out to me.

Fly safe, pilot!

Good morning!

I am a returning player that has not been active in quite some time. I know Eve always had a pretty high learning curve and I expect with all the changes that won’t have changed! I do not return alone and I have some friends and family coming along with me as well as a smattering of others that “may be interested”.

Several of us have a good 2-3 years worth of actively trained skill-points with the occasional re sub in the past where we trained some more. I, personally, have nearly 50 million SP.

Do we have a plan? Barely! We’ve always been a rather motley group of carebears mixed in with those who loved null sec and PVP. We are simply looking to grow and find our place among the stars again after a long hiatus. We would like to keep our corporation, but do hope to find some good allias to get to know, support, and grow with.

If you have a place for some returning nubs that are trying to figure things out again, please let me know.

PS: I’m not really interested in ganking innocent players just minding their own business, but that does not mean I allow anyone to gank me or my people. And if you wind up being the place we bring out motley selves to, you will be "my people’ as far as I am concered.

Definitely a carebear, but more of the psycho variety.

Hello Kri,

Welcome back to you all. Do you guys plan to recruit? What TZ are you guys in? Warped Intentions may be a great place for you guys. Give us a look and see what you think.

Hope to hear from you soon.


If you’re interested in mining moon goo, PM me ingame, lots of isk to be made :slight_smile:

i will join then?

I will attempt to contact you in-game to discuss you joining Spectral Incorporated, hope to see you with us soon!

We have a corp and alliance with excellent space for the range of activities that it sounds like you and your group are looking for - and I like the ‘my people’ view - we work as a team to ensure the safety and protection of all as often as we can.

Check us out

Come find your purpose in eve.

I wanted to thank everyone for their time and for reaching out to me. We’ve found our home.

Fly steady, pilots!

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