Returning vet LF home

I played this game back in 04 and have been back for about two weeks now. I’ve managed to buy enough Plex to inject up to 45mil SP and counting (have loads of assets as well) and was just recently kicked from my corporation because the CEO didn’t like me offering to help (yeah no joke). Handed out ships to new ppl, offered stations to the corp to put on alts, really unsure what I did wrong but oh well his loss. I’m enjoying the incursions, like exploration, tested out J space a bit in wormholes, down for PVP too but ideally not mandatory since I play this game for fun and not to work around someone else’s schedule or politics.

East Coast USA player active like 2000-0500 eve time, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, sometimes an hour here or there really depends on my mood. Corp must not have tax or be able to be war dec’d and ideally have a solid core of 10-15+ppl on often who are still OK with the occasional stupid question from a returning veteran.

No mass invite mining corps that expect me to work for them either please and thanks.

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Hi Ashnor

Welcome back to Eve!

Guns is probably a good fit for you, we are based in shallow null with a PvPvE focus. No mandatory fleets and no nullsec politics with us.

If you have a chance, check out our ad and hopefully we can chat soon.


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║║╠╣║╠╗. VALKLEARS.
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We’re the Valklears - a corp fighting the big blue donut, looking for more members to join in on our daily activities.

Hi Ashanor

welcome back to the game

If you can consider Null npc (venal) please keep reading.

Mortis angelus is currently recruiting new family members and below i will put some of the reasons why you should consider us an option

1, No sov warfare. No structure bashing nor cta’s
2. No sov space to bother off.
3, No Sp/Exp requirements. Time will fix that for you:)
4, No api/seat ■■■■■■■■. We welcome spies to spy for us:)
5, No big fleet warfare. Say goodbye too TiDI and anchor +F1
6, No corp tax. Yes, you read it right 0 % CORP TAX. You keep all the isk you make:)
7, Make 500m/hr doing lvl4 guristas missions to fund your pvp
8, You will matter for us. Morts is a family and we take care of our own
9, Small/midsize pvp. Your skills will actually matter this time
10, Fly what you want to fly and can afford to lose.
11, Very laidback game experience
12, and much more

If you to know us better just join our discord

Old recruitment video: Mortis angelus - eve online - YouTube

Hey man,

Sounds like you might enjoy life with us here at A Band Apart, check out the below and send me a DM or hit us up in game… welcome back the hellhole of eve!

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Still looking for a group to play with, had a few offers but I’m really against corporate tax unless your corp is providing something of value. IE a structure or SRP or anything that benefits the members

Hi Ashanor, we do have corporate tax, but we also provide benefits to our members:

Brittas Empire are looking for pilots to join our team. We are mainly comprised of UK and EUTZ players, but are also looking to expand our USTZ and other timezones so that we can build our corp community and do even more fun stuff together!

We Offer:

  • Fun social gaming atmosphere
  • Access to both alliance & private corp space for ratting, mining & industry, including corp owned moons
  • Corp & Alliance run Buyback & JF services.
  • Alliance Level PVP
  • Small gang corp roams
  • Alliance Flight School access to teach new and rusty players the basics

What we are looking for:

  • Working Mic
  • English speaking
  • Friendly attitude and looking for a laugh - no drama
  • A willingness to PVP - we are happy to teach

Love your PVP? We are currently engaged in one of EVEs biggest wars and you’re welcome to join the team and jump right in, if that’s your thing.

Sound Good? Got some Questions? Head to over to our Discord:

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