Returning Vet returning to game LF Industry/Null Sec - Basically now a newbro

Hi all, thanks for looking.

I started playing in 2004 but quit the game 2 years ago. Stripped all of my characters (about 10 characters) pretty much down to 5m SP but left reasonable industry skills should I ever wish to come back.

I’m now back and looking to find a new group of dudes to play with.

Primarily looking for a good industry infrastructure in a null sec alliance for pvp. Although my characters aren’t anywhere near as good as they were, I am training them back up and am happy to start at the bottom again flying tacklers, dictors etc.

I am self sufficient. Before I left I was making most of my isk by t2 capital module production. Thankfully I kept all of my blueprints and most of my characters require very little training to get them back to a level to start producing again.

Anyway, If you’re interested in a very experienced, returning player - Please feel free to drop me a message or reply here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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