75mil/45/35 3 account pilot returning after years - LF nullsec only

Just returning from many moons away from the game. Got the Eve itch again, and looking for null-sec corp to get involved with. While I do like to do pvp roams/camps and the like, my primary interests are the industrial side. In the past I was responsible for jump freighter of corp supplies, helping fuel, and production of goods and just helping out any way I could. I also enjoy mining for isk from time to time, kind of like it all.

All my assets are currently in a Triumvrate system, though I have enough alts and such to jump out once I figure out what I’m doing I believe. I come with my own jump freighter/rorqual, etc etc and look forward to finding a fun group of people to play with and enjoy the game. If it’s part of Trium alliance, even more convenient, if not, Ill figure it out :slight_smile:

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