[USTZ][Sov Null] Vet LF Industrial / Logistics Corp 60m+ SP

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So, this post is going to end up very verbose despite my intent for it not to. To introduce myself, I’m in the military and my Eve ‘career’ has been put on pause back and forth for deployments and overall boredom with the game at some points. I’ve been thru almost all walks of Eve, but am looking to come back and focus on Industry / Logistics. It’s one facet of the game I haven’t experienced.

Generic list on my experience:

  • I’ve played off and on since 2008

  • 3 Separate accounts with pilots that range from 40-70m SP in specialized roles

  • 1 Combat Capital / JF oriented character (near perfect carrier / introductory Dread)

  • 1 Logistics / Support cruiser character (can run a solid FAX + perfect logi cruiser)

  • 1 Subcap Character

  • Limited FC experience (small gang roughly a dozen to fifteen dessies w/ myself FCing from a Bifrost) wouldn’t mind eventually getting back into this

  • Extensive wormhole experience, would need a refresher but I lived in a C4 and had a lot of experience rolling etc

  • Brief stint in low sec

  • Ran with a pet of PH (Insurrection in SS), have extensive medium / large scale PvP experience

  • TiDi battle experience, do not want to re-enter this BS for a while

What I’m looking for:

I don’t mean to come across picky, but I tend to feel committed to corps I join (for better or worse) and I want to find the right spot before I commit. I’m looking for a small to medium Industry oriented Null Sec corporation with a secluded cubby for home. I’m more than willing to learn what it takes to produce capitals, from logistics / mining / ratting / production whatever is needed I’ll lend my hand. I’d prefer to have a place to park a carrier or whatever is meta for ratting, it’s something peaceful to do for an hour or two a day. I’m a very active player, and would like an almost team-like atmosphere…I fear most groups that offer this atmosphere operate on trust (which is an invaluable asset in Eve), and maybe hesitant to add one to their own. I’m not afraid to pilot a combat ship, but I would rather not be held to any required CTAs or w/e. I burnt myself out pulling nearly 900 kills in 90 days during my last stint of Eve. Trying to ease my way back into Eve, with a slow re-immersion into the game. I’m looking forward to genuine responses, thank you for your time.

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