‎Revelation · ‎Phoenix · ‎Moros · ‎Naglfar BPOs ME:10, PE:16

As title is saying, selling 4 BPO’s in total, one of each dreadnought

‎Revelation · ‎Phoenix · ‎Moros · ‎Naglfar
All 4 BPO’s are ME:10, PE:16

Your auction should include:

  • Starting/minimum bid: 20B
  • Minimum bid increment: 100 mill
  • Closing date and time: 15th of September

You may want to include:

  • Reserve price: -
  • Buyout price: Make me an offer I can’t refuse
  • Sniper rule: 15 minutes
  • Item Location: Jita 4-4

Not taking ingame bids, please post here.

If you want to offer buyout, feel free to post here or send me eve-mail. If you don’t get response within 48 hours consider it rejected, otherwise you will be contacted.

I also don’t log into game each day, so keep that in mind

Still available