Revenant BPC sales?


So I understand that these bpcs drop in low sec, but how does one actually go about purchasing it from said people? I’ve heard rumors of silent auctions and stuff. Where is the special door and whats the code? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any info on this! would love to know! as i need to source one for a build!

If I recall, that is one of the rarest ships in the game, so be ready to spend your life savings on it, if anyone will sell it at all

Your best bet would be to find out who the low sec incursion runners are that farm the bpcs and start talking to them. And as the above poster has stated if you need to ask about prices its out of your price range.:wink:

BPCs are usually sold via Contracts. Set a fixed price, or do a silent auction with or without a buyout price (ebay style). (Not sure if I understood the question really-- OP, you’re selling?)

Thanks for all your help guys

Whatever you do, don’t fit it like this

they are rare, but not that rare. Pretty sure I’ve seen them on contracts for 100b or so. zkillboard lists them as 100b so it checks out, and the last few in the sell orders forum were going around there.

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