Revert Residue Changes - Can't complete Missions

This residue mechanic is the stupidest thing ever created.
You can’t even complete a mining mission now.
Either make mining missions not have the residue mechanic or scrap the whole thing.
You ruined the game with this crap.


Not strictly true, T1 and ORE equipment can help here.

Edit: if you actually want change instead of just venting that’s what the CSM is for, and so post in that section of forums.

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Well then add Red Text to every Mining Mission.


Seriously did someone come up with this crap to troll players with?
What is the point of having T2 equipment if you cant use it?


Why have mining at all when people like the OP cannot understand how their equipment works.

Its not like theres words and numbers explaining it.


Ok…Residue is a great mechanic.
Why stop at mining?
Lets Add Residue to Ammo…
Every time you attack someone you have a % chance of your ammo not doing damage.
You do less damage over time.

You will actually do more damage if you use T1 guns…
Let’s see how well that goes over…
If you use T2 guns you will need to buy 34% more ammo to do the same damage as T1 guns.

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This is the way to do it. Mission ores should not be affected by residue. It’s undoubtedly just an oversight by CCP.

As others have pointed out though, this is not how to raise this. Make a post stating the problem and suggesting a fix on Assembly Hall - EVE Online Forums

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There is the note about using T1 equipment, but also some people use mining drones. Be careful with the management of drones (or don’t use them), as some people have said that switching drones around between rocks without recalling them to dump their ore can also lead to short ore amounts.

I haven’t tested it myself but several people have told me that mining missions don’t produce residue and it’s only drone shuffling that loses ore. I haven’t seen a truly reliable demonstration either way.

I’m reading this without understanding…

I do L4 mining missions, using my Hulk and my associate uses a Porpoise for boosts and hold - I never failed a mission…I think somebody isn’t reading the mission parameters…big error.

Yeah, its called “missing”


That ended his argument.

This is such basic level perception… Just use t1 miners with no residue. You appear so silly the way you presented your argument. Also, you are not the first to complain about this in missions.

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The issue is that due to waste it’s possible to lose ore to waste and then not have enough to complete the mission. Mission ores should have 0% waste.

yes, it’s possible to lose the mission by ignoring the parameters needed to complete it.

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So the mission parameters specifically state that the use of T2 mining tools can result in there not being enough ore to complete the mission? I’d like to see the screenshot you’ve got showing that.

It’s got nothing to do with mission parameters, it’s to do with CCP putting in a blanket change that affects ore without considering how that affects missions that spawn exact quantities of ore.

What was the reason for implementing Waste in the first place?
To slow down isk generation? Or make miners use T1 equipment?

Mining Missions do not print isk.
I don’t see why you would need Residue inside mining missions at all.

T2 mining lasers work just fine for mining missions. Mining Drones are the problem. They are currently bugged. Don’t use them on mining missions.

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It’s in the blog post

Mining waste will create a greater benefit to increasing mining skills and using more advanced modules that lower the rate of waste. This also introduces new gameplay options, such as high waste mining of opponents’ resources via updated mining crystals that increase harvesting at the cost of increased waste.

And the follow-up post, where they then adjusted it so it was T2 with the waste and not T1 so rookies don’t get treated like lepers.

No. No.

Stop crying and learn from your mistakes.

This is rich coming from @AzothPrime the guy who spams tons of channels in game begging for isk to buy said mining equipment and other ships.

They are an ISK faucet, therefore, they do in point of fact “print” ISK.