Reward for reporting Bots (New Skillbooks)

I really like the the feedback CCP provides when reporting bots. To take this a step further I believe the following skill books should be implemented to help compensate the players that want a cleaner EVE. CCP please help these players by rewarding them.


.5% Payout increase to isk payouts per level (2.5% total)

Adv Snitching:

.5% payout increase to isk payouts (2.5% total)
1% payout increase to LP payouts (5% total)

Snitching: Each successful bot ban gives a rank increase
Adv Snitching: Every 5 bot bans gives a rank increase

Skills reset after a certain amount of time (1 year?)

It shouldn’t be the players’ job to do CCP’s work at all.

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This is a terrible idea.

You don’t fight bots by using players.
You fight bots with competent anti-botting detection and preventing.

If this is a thing unsubstantiated reports should result in loss of levels. Keeps people from spamming “report bot” on everything and its dog.


…and you don’t think that players could game the system with Alpha accounts?:thinking:

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Definitely not.

Incentives like this make people do things for the wrong reasons or try to game the system.

Ask project discovery.


Yeah, I don’t think increased payouts is something we need in the age of resource scarcity.

Report bots because it’s goods for the game.


OP needs to train Advanced CCPlease to L5 and try again :wink:

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That’s not how help works.

You’re just being greedy.

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