Reward for winning a proving ground battle is underwhelming

The reward cache gives 20-40 million isk and if you loot the loser, adds on average 30 mill isk, so lets just say each win averages 50 million ISK… This PG requires battlecruisers which can cost between 100-150 million ISK just for the ship and total cost including modules go for anywhere between 150-250 million isk.

Opening the reward cache offers little incentive to continue playing because it’s not rewarding. I mainly play for fun, but it becomes less fun when a match only offers 20 million isk reward. This is a expensive PG. I want more players to play in these events and I think if each win at least rewards the cost of the ship, then more people would play.

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No. If you would be playing for fun
… you’d be happy with the content.

You’re playing for the reward
… as evidenced by your very own post.

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I agree the reward for this round is a bit low, I think it should scale with the ship class. It doesn’t seem to be putting people off taking part though. Queue times were way shorter than I expected last night.

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I don’t think he’s lying per se.

He does it for the money …
… and satisfying his greed gives him pleasure.

Thus he calls it fun.

Maybe he believes that the activity itself is work
… and he expects a proper reward for said work.

Someone who thinks like this would not consider the content fun.


If you want fun, do some PvP.

If I played for reward, I wouldn’t be playing in the proving grounds.

Thank you for your contribution to this thread.

I prefer the profits be too low to replace a fit - makes it actually cost the players who are multiboxing trash fits to grind wins for top spots.


What? You even state that the reward isn’t enough …
… and I think you make it clear that winning isn’t really a reward for you.

Which I find rather weird, but okay.

So you want it to pay you more money …
… because that’d be more fun for you.

Is that not what you’ve written?

Try harder.

I was just asking a question, because you’re not quite making sense.
But okay.

You’re an asshole.

Well I guess that settles it.

Have fun with the wolves.

That is a good point, but still doesn’t change the fact the rewards seem a bit low for this round. Kylanti Hender made a good suggestion about the rewards scaling with ship class.

I haven’t played a PG in a few months, but it seems the rewards are the same no matter the different ship restrictions.

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Simple solution: no rewards, and no losses. And a completely separate combat tracker in the character profile. The arena is effectively just a simulation.

It’s not real EVE anyway, so I don’t see how that would be an issue.

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At what point are they not ‘too low’? Where is the sweet spot? A % of mineral ship hull cost, like basic insurance payouts?

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‘not farmable enough’.

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You obviously have no idea what you are on about. The last event cost me about 1bill and I was in the middle of the leader board. The top few people might be making a profit. It certainly is not farmable for most people.

Well, for starters, I think the reward should be great enough to replace your ship and modules in 2 wins, not 3 or 4.


Welcome, Kantoec.

Why do you waste your time in Proving Ground if the reward is sh!t?
Do something else.
Even Project Discovery has better isk to give than that.

OK, so CCP should go through and establish an ‘average fit’ to baseline every event, and set the award for something between 1/3 and 1/2 that value?

Trying to nail down some details here so it can actually be a proposal for change instead of a flat complaint.

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I think you’re right about that tho. If the reward is only 30 to 50mil the least you should get is the price of the ship, without the modules, in two wins.