RezCo - Corpse Collectors Wanted!- Null PvP

Still looking for some chill dudes to come shoot some frat, kitchen sink gate camps, fun roams, bg fleet fiights and some Goku Style fleets ~

Sound like fun? come have a chat

Are you ready?
Are you willing?
Are you sure you want to miss out on stomping some easy targets?

Credit to Rollo from IRAT in RZR for the art work!

war baby war!! come get your killboard green again!

Ha! Baalaakar seems eager!

Join one of our Free Brainwashin… I mean “Recruitment centres” today

Love for my biggest coke customer, thanks for all the plex money Salty!

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I think this need a little attention… We are killing stuff daily… Like a lot…

Too busy murdering Frat and Co. to remmeber to bump this post :smiley:

1200 kills in a month, can’t really complain at that I guess.

Need I say anymore…

Recruitment is open ~
Come have a chat and start your new adventure in Eve, collecting corpse, coms banter and even the odd intellectuall conversation (Questionably).

Recruitment open ~
Have you got a hanckering for murder, mayhem and destruction?

If this doesn’t get you hot and bothered then there’s somethign wrong with you!

Yawn that time of year again, purged inactives so lets restock some active PvP pilots!

Look us up ~

We are pilots who have many blood debts and they must be paid in full to the blood gods. If you are looking to pay off yours I recommend joining our flying insanity machine. Great group of experienced pvp pilots and capabilities.

^^ As per come fill up your coffins and meat trucks!

Definitely not a bump

To paraphrase our glorious Leader… more corpse collectors required, light hearted (sometimes drunk) convo… and stuff…

I used to be a scrub! Then this happened!

Join today! And gain respect, honour and pride!

Tantum in morte, potest consequi plenus potential tuae!
Only in death, can you achieve your full potential!

HMMM Content…

Lokoing for content? Look no further!

Come have a Chat both EU and USTZ pilots wanted!

Find your way to the nearest Rezco Suicide Squadron recruitment center today! (No sanity required)

The RSS Fleet are an ideal way to satisfy your corpse collecting ideals!

~ You know the drill

Find your way to the nearest Rezco Suicide Squadron recruitment center today! (No sanity required)