RezCo - Corpse Collectors Wanted!- Null PvP

Bit of a break on the posting lark.

Looking for a new home?
Want a Target rich environment?

Come have a chat, lets see if we’re the right fit

Come farm Corpses and help feed your corpse collecting desires today!

11 recruits in one day, what madness is this :X

Looking for more corpse collectors, come have a chat ~

Recruiting Corpse collectors, come have a chat

Shameless bump

PvP Focused nullcorp seeking like minded individuals ~
Come have a chat, come collect some corpses.

Come have a chat~

Great space
Chilled Players
Only slightly salty :wink:

You know the drill ~

Long bump!
Come have a chat

Shameless Bump.

Recruitment open still, looking to expand USTZ a little more, come have a chat :wink:

Some great fights recently, if you’re content starved we’re the place to be :wink:

After todays antics, the killboards are looking padded :smiley:
Sick of not having content? that won’t be a complaint here :wink:

Recruitment still open ~
Don’t forget to check our poorly edited Youtube channel videos to see the content first hand

Some fun brawls to be had ~

Great example of some of the mid gang content we get out here ~ want to get in on this? Well you know what to do!

You know the drill ~ seeking EUTZ pilots

Our killboard tells you the story, come on out, shoot some stuff, make some isk :wink:

It could be you we are looking for, hop in our pub channel for a chat


Why join the rest when you can be a troll :wink:

Plenty of Fratenity to shoot over here, lots of fun fights, well closer to feeds, but you know the drill :wink: