RIFT Intel Fusion Tool, a desktop intel and map app for Windows, Linux, and macOS

I’ve been working on an intel tool for the past few months, and I think it reached a state where it’s useful.

Main features:

  • Intel channels monitoring. The difference from similar tools is that it doesn’t just look for system names, it actually parses messages and shows all the information visually.
  • Alerts. Very configurable alerts for many situations; a particular piece of intel getting reported, getting attacked or decloaked in-game, and more.
  • Map. Includes a map of New Eden like the in-game one, as well as tactical maps of each region. Intel is dynamically shown on the map, including both intel reports and a zKillboard feed.

It supports playing with multiple characters, has many configuration options, and a bunch of other features. It works natively on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Download and more information: https://riftforeve.online

Feel free to join the Discord (invite on the website) if you have any suggestions or issues.

Hope you like it!


Very nice and cool design/graphics - thank you! If I can give some suggestions:

  • mouse hover-over info from zkb on intel report window would be nice (e.g. corp/alliance; dangerous-snuggly; or even known cyno etc.)
  • configurable time out/clear/fade intel records on report window after a given period or CLR message

parsing is really good (“spike”, “no visual” etc)!

omg this is wholesome!

your SSL is broken according to firefox. pls fix

It is definitely not, I checked now on multiple devices and browsers, including Firefox. Maybe your browser is not updated or something else is wrong.

browser is up to date, and persists across devices. I’ll have to try it with a different ISP and see.
If i get an invite to your discord i can repsond timely and more comprehensivly about it

Working perfectly fine here.

I think it’s really great.
I’ve been using it for two days now and noticed the following things that I think could be improved:

  • Font size settings for regions
  • Character tracking without changing the map position
  • Adjust region scaling to window size
  • intel report window snapping with intel map window

I can’t seem to get it working. Authenticated the characters. Typed in the correct channel names. Checked the folder locations to be correct. The program can see the characters online but doesn’t detect any alerts at all. Any ideas?

If you still need help, there is a support channel on the Discord where we can troubleshoot.