[RIPKB] Whelp Inc! Be part of something new!

Whelp Inc. - Because who needs killboard stats?

Whelp Inc. is a new corporation focusing primarily on combat operations including both PVP and PVE! We want to create a community that is both close knit, friendly to one another, yet also wanting to make every neutral and enemy ship they see explode into a million fragments!

  • Regular PVP & PVE Operations
  • Support For New Players - No Minimum SP!
  • Small Gang Roams With Access To Bigger Fleets
  • Alpha & New Bros Welcome!
  • Well Placed HQ
  • No Angry FCs!
  • An Experienced CEO Here To Help & Teach

If you like the sound of this and want to know more you can either contact me through the forums, message me in game, or join our public channel. You are just as welcome to throw in an application too and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

In Game - ‘Whelp Inc.’ Public channel

o7 Fly Safe

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