[RIR] Raytheon Intergalactic Research | Industrial

Raytheon Intergalactic Research

We are a low-sec Industrial corporation mostly focusing on PVE, Missioning, mining and some PVP.

We are a group of old and new pilots, Omega and Alpha alike we are all the same sharing and exchanging experience with each other, if you show a good attitude you can be part of this group and even become a decision maker, take part to develop this corp to higher levels and leave your finger-print on it.

Come join our exploration and mining squads to reach areas in the game, salvage the goods in Low-sec, explore wormholes, help to keep our space safe by participating in alliance PVP squads and of course make isk…

You are free to do whatever you like in the corp. We are here to have fun. And we only ask our members: Integrity and Activity.

Benefits to corp members:

  • 10% corp tax
  • Free corp ships when you join any ops
  • A fun, relaxed and mature environment
  • New Alpha pilots are welcome
  • Returning pilots are welcome
  • Freighter / Logistics Service
  • Access to Discord/ Team Speak for corp and alliance.
  • Buyback program
  • Mining Ledger
  • SeAT - is a corporate management tool.
  • BPO’s are available, BPC’s can be provided fully researched if you like to build stuff
  • Access to blue standings with a huge number of corps and alliances.
  • Secure and safe systems
  • Different time zones (US, Europe, Middle East)


  • Be mature and friendly and respect others
  • Be a team player
  • A mic and headset will make a big difference in learning the game, keeping you safe and keep your eyes on important things

INTERESTED ? come join our chat channel “Raytheon Bar and Grill” and get in touch with RedElvaan & BATTrekkie for application to join and to answer any questions.


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