Rise Of Exiles is recruiting New and Returning players to have fun in null-sec space

Come join us at Rise of Exiles.

Rise Of Exiles is a corporation where the social aspect of being in a corp is valued, the atmosphere is relaxed and which are welcoming and willing to help new players to get used to EVE. No matter which aspect of EVE that appeals to you the most, we will have content for you, as our members are involved in mining, exploration, industry, PVE and PVP.

Are you stuck or lost? Our experienced members will be more than happy to help and guide you to have the best time playing the game.

We are part of Drone Land comunity, which means that you can benefit from everything nullsec has to offer in a friendly area of space that stretches across several regions. Here you can enjoy all the activities you like to do and make a lot of money in the same time J .

What we can offer:

Guidance and constant help to get used to life in nullsec

Starter ship based on your main activity

Mining fleets with Orca/Rorqual support & boost

Fully build corporation owned structures in home systems

Access to numerous stations alliance stations and markets across Drone Land

Corp buyback programs so you can make instant money (we buy your stuff!)

Hauling and jump freighting services (we import/export stuff to/from Jita)

Relaxed atmosphere (both in-game and on Discord)

A way to play the game where real life comes first, always.

Access to facilities so you can carry out industry

What we Encurage you to have:

Omega status (recomended but not mandatory).

Use of Discord

A good attitude, and willingness to be involved

If you are interested please join us in our recruitment channel on Discord: https://discord.gg/USBvC4Az5e



Joined your Discord, I like to chat about possible joining Rise of Exiles. I’m a returning player.

We are waiting for you !

Still here




We are waiting for you :slight_smile:



Still here :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: I’m just coming back from a little break and would love to talk to you guys about maybe joining. I’m newer, but really want to learn how it all works. Mostly interested in mining and other ways of making money.


come on our discord


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