**Rise Of Exiles** looking for smal/medium corp for merging

Rise Of Exiles looking for smal/medium corp for merging

We are looking for groups that like to do mining/indi/market and some other activities also, as we offer a large conted of gameplay

We offer :

A home of 6 systems where we can enjoy the gameplay

Long term continuously moon and belts mining :

  • 20 moons / month from R64s to r16 ( NO r8 J)
  • ( 5 ice belts that are mine for the moment just for corp )
  • Numerous mining belts

Corp buyback program so you can make instant money (we buy your stuff!)

  • 100% Jita Buy price for moon ore ( corp get to keep all moon ore)
  • 90% Jita Buy price for normal ore
  • 100% Jita Buy price for all PI materials and no PI custom tax

Ratting systems with good DBS

10% ratting tax for all the corp systems

1 market that we have

2 markets hubs near by

Free JF services to those markets

Full Infrastructure 24 stations with cores : 2-3 atanors, a lot of tatara s , forts and sotoyo

Fully active C.E.O and Directors team that put the need`s of players first

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still here

waiting for you


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