Rise Of Saturn 76 is lloking for Miners, explorers, mission runners, inventors, and producers

Hello fellow Eve Addicts
I am currently looking for new Eve player to join my corp. This is for mainly new to eve players - But will gladly take any age toon. All are welcome, any race, any skill points, If its your first day to play or you have been playing for 10 years I am in need of your help. This corp is more for new players that need help with the mechanics of the game. We are currently looking for miners, explorers, inventors, and producers. mission runners and Pvprs are more than welcome as well. We are a small corp at the moment looking to grow. We have 2 Pos’ and a Citadel that are open for all corp members to use. We are located in a 0.6 security space with plenty of untouched belts waiting to be wiped out. We need all the ore we can get. I will pay you top Isk for all the ore you can bring me - TAX FREE. The same goes for salvage - Explorers and mission runners. If your interested just shoot me a message and I will get back to you with a corp invite. We are a very relaxed Corp with really no rules except to respect your corp mates. You will be free to do anything you want. We will never demand anything from you. If your new to the game and want to learn and grow and make fast ISK this is the corp for you. I have been playing for 10 years, I will teach you - personally anything you want to know - Except PVP - I don’t have much experience with pvp but we can learn together. Hope to see you soon
Jade Stones
Rise of Saturn 76


I am interested in your offer.
I am a miner and I think that I could contribute to the success of your corporation.
Where exactly are you located?

Kind regards,

Anton Meiher

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