RNE Industries - "Build the future with us."

We ride the heavens, searching for the next belt of pure abundance…pure and untouched.

Our burden is not of our own, but that of the entire galaxy - without us, the machines would stop, our homes would crumble, and society itself would fall.

We seek out the riches of New Eden, not to profit for ourselves, but to provide for those less fortunate, those without the skill to survive in the harsh depths, and to give what we mine to those who are following the simple ideal of liberating this galaxy from tyranny.
We are more than just a community of miners, industrialists, traders, and researchers - we are a family, and we are the brothers & sisters of the Republic.

The RNE Industries seeks to turn the vast abundance of the galaxy into the mighty war-machines that have the power to liberate the downtrodden and “unworthy”, and allow the many corporations & alliances with no power to stake a claim of New Eden themselves.
Our primary aim is to become not only self-sufficient, providing our own division with the necessary tools & ships needed for a prosperous future; but to build towards a greater vision, a more grander aspiration.

We only seek to improve the lot of our pilots, our brothers & sisters, and our cousins who fight the noble ideal of freeing this galaxy from those who wish to keep it beneath their jackboot.

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“Building the necessary foundations required for a more prosperous future are paramount, and in the interests of freedom, justice, fairness & truth; we can all do our part in creating a brighter, and fairer New Eden for all.” - RNE Council.

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Probably the most interesting pitch I’ve read in a while.

Is there a RP angle to what you’re doing?

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