RNE Navy - "Make a difference TODAY with our corp!"

The RNE Navy will form the main armada of the Republic of New Eden forces, spearheading & operating from out of high-security space.
The Navy will represent everything good, honourable, and just in New Eden; we strive to become a positive force that the people of this galaxy can rally behind, and ultimately unite in building a brighter tomorrow.

We ride the heavens like a column of pure light, never altering our course nor faultering when we come across the darkness that stands in our way.
The RNE Navy is determined to restore honour back to this broken galaxy, to rebuild what has been destroyed, and to reignite the fires of humanity & prosperity for all.

Our pilots seek neither glory, fame, or riches; they represent true justice in the name of defending the innocent from the scourge of pirates, and the tyrants that plague our galaxy.
They selflessly lay down their own lives to protect those who cannot defend themselves, and to prevent others from commiting atrocious acts against their kin.

Our weapons shall be truth & honour, our shields & armour shall be unity & determination, and our will shall be that of courage alone.

When you join our ranks, you will be expected to abide by our strict ECHO(Engage: Criminals, Hostiles, and Outlaws) engagement rules, defend the weak & downtrodden throughout New Eden, and to uphold our key values of realising the vision we seek to build together.
Our door will always be open to those starting out in the galaxy, for you will all have a place to call home, and a group to call your family.

We do not offer our protection for any sort of gift, we do not extort other pilots, and we do not scam others’; our mission is to protect all law-abiding pilots, corporations, and/or alliances whether they ask for our help or not.
We will strive to bring about the rise of the downtrodden, the enlightenment of the forgotten, and the revolution of the "unworthy

We are brothers & sisters fighting in the name of justice & truth, we are brothers & sisters of the RNE Navy, and it is our duty to serve.

Discord Available

“In the interests of freedom, justice, fairness & truth; we shall build a brighter, and fairer New Eden for all.” - RNE Council.

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Interesting, but we will rarely saw PvP if we roam High sec

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