[ROCIH] Newly Formed, Active Null-sec Corp - Roche Industries - Looking for ratters, miners, and pilots

Roche Industries is a newly formed Corp looking to grow and prosper. We are attached to the BlackRose alliance in Immensea with a large pocket of systems we call home. Always happy to take newbies though you’ll need a good basic understanding of the game, a few million skill points and fly Omega account/s, or aim to.

Since we are a young corp, your not just another number, your another important voice. We play Eve a fair amount, and are very active within our alliance, but we seek to create a friendly, drama free environment, where LIFE comes first and piloting comes second.

When you join Roche Industries this is what you can expect:

  • No DRAMA
  • Buy Back Programs (currently at 90% JITA)
  • SRP on alliance/coalition fleets
  • FREE Mining Barges
  • FREE Alliance Doctrine ships for home defense
  • Jump Freighter Services
  • Many, many moons to mine, with weekly pulls
  • Multiple Systems with IceBelts to mine when you like
  • Mining Ops
  • Ratting fleets
  • Many structures to manufacture in, from Capitals to Ammo
  • Access to markets across 5/6 regions for marketeers
  • Lots of opportunity for PVP (if that’s your thing)
  • Veteran players to learn from

Come join ROCIH as we start our journey and make our home in null. Reach out to Rigas Crimstone in game or via Discord at xXBelocXx#8106

Come join us.

Come join a great group of pilots…

Come join the fun.

We have two moons popped at the moment with open mining and multiple icebelts. If PVP is your thing, we have the neighboring neut alliance that like to come in and pick fights…

Still looking for new pilots.

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