Rock and Stone INC - FW - Mining - Industry

Rock and Stone INC is a Minmatar faction war and industrial corporation founded by an old pirate and a trigger happy industrialist. We live in a high sec island just a few jumps from the frontlines of the Minmatar/Amarr faction war systems in Minmatar space. We enjoy playing the game, and while our corporation is small, we are growing and looking for pilots who want to build and fight. We use discord exclusively for our communications, and our corporation is most active in the US time-zone.

  • No mandatory ops, real life comes first community gameplay

  • Corporation skill plans that will enable you to participate in both pvp and industrial operations quickly

  • Low tax rate of 5%

  • Free venture and frigate program (hope to sponsor mining barges for new players soon)

  • Pvp content in faction warfare (participation is optional)

  • Boosted mining ops and a 10% mining bonus in our island home system

  • Relaxed atmosphere where you can learn and grow at your own pace

If you’d like to learn more about our corporation, reach out to John Alberic, or Admiral yui. Or swing by Rock and Stone Public and speak with some of our members in there.

We’ve gained a few pilots in the last couple of days. Looking for more like minded pilots.

Come join us for mining and fw. Looking for industrialists with teeth, or combat pilots who enjoy resource extraction and building.

Daily bump. Looking for more pilots who see the game as adventure to be undertaken.

Daily bump. 10% mining speed bonus in our home system, and plenty of fw action a few jumps out.

Daily bump. Good wormhole dives yesterday. Looking for more.

May I suggest a Public Channel to mingle? To get to know some of the folks.

I appreciate the suggestion. Rock and Stone Public is our public channel. We had some decent fights last night against the Amarr militia.

Daily bump. Edited original post for readability and clarity.

Daily bump. So far 100% of our recruits have had light missiles shot at them or their friends by our resident pirate, but it is possible to skip that step in the recruitment phase. And once you are on our side, he will stop shooting at you.

Daily bump. Building up our presence in our island home system and taking fights with the Amarr militia to work on our doctrines.

Daily bump. Building up the island home base, and hauling ore, gas, and converted lp items out. Join and you can build, mine, and fight to your heart’s content.

Bump. Still building, mining, and fighting. I’ve participated in more avenues of Eve in the past month working on building up our island base than I have in any other time I’ve played.

Joined up with Rock and Stone about a month ago and it’s been great so far. We’re a very small but up and coming Corp having lots of fun out here. Great place for new players.

Daily bump. Come help us clear our island home of the asteroid menace. Every day out here is an adventure.

Daily bump. Had some good kills over the past two days. We have decent hunting grounds around our island home system.

Daily bump. We destroyed a Blood Raider FOB after it refused to get off our lawn when asked politely. Still mining, building, and participating in FW.

Daily bump. Still looking for people that enjoy playing the game as an adventure.

Daily bump. Local chat bug got you down? Rock and Stone ran multiple logistic trips to and from our island home this evening despite this. Cloaks, scouts, and intel gets it done.

Daily bump. Chill home system for mining with boosts, frontline systems close by. Currently running event sites but will be back to normal ops after the event is over.