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Daily bump. Still running sites and working on the island base.

Daily bump. The adventure continues.

Daily bump. Brought down 2 Blood Raider FOBs in the same system last night. During the event we are mostly focused on pve.

John Alberic,

Old EVE Player just left The Initiative out of Fountain and wanting to get into Faction Warfare but have zero experience. I have my stuff pretty much in RENS and now just starting to figure out what is next. I left INIT because they had a mandatory ops quota and even though was supposed to be a mining corp with doing some PVP we constantly at war with someone. I like to PVP but what they do is not PVP to me, following the other Lemmings and shooting at the same target while being berated or yelled at is not my idea of fun.
I am 66 and fully retired. I want to be able to take my wife and see some things for a few days at a time without worrying about be kicked for the corp. I do love to play this game but I have to give my wife a little bit of my time.

My 3 Primary Accounts
SIrxamoc - 113.5 Million SP player - Jack of trades to include capitals
CaptainCaveman - 110 Million SP player - Mainly PVP and Mining - Capital Pilot
Kendrickdalen - 97 Million SP player - Pure Industrialist - Rorq
All my toons are miners and can mine just about anything.

Sold all my capitals before leaving Fountain, just did not want the hassle of moving them.

If what I have said so far interest you, lets talk, I have Discord.

Fly Dangerous!




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