Rock Flag and Eagle Is looking for more indy and miner pilots! (WH Indy)

We are a small tight knit indy corp looking for some more pilots to add to our ranks, new bros or vets welcome. I won’t give a recruitment speech, we work together, run together and we make sure we all succeed together. We are based out of wormholes and are expansive in what we do all around and are an established corp with connections, with buyback for miners and intensives for others. We are mostly based in EST timezone but can work around others. If this is something you would be interested in add me in game or join our discord to chat.

Angel Westland

Still looking for more pilots to join our corp.

Lookins for more pilots interested in a tight knit group.

Looking for more pilots

Hit us up and let have a chat


Hit us up to have a chat

Doing some mining hit us up :smiley:

Looking for pilots that want to join a tight knit indy group hit me up :smiley:

If you are driven and love indy hit us up

We are growing more everyday come join in and risk for isk.

Pilots want for some risk for the isk in wormhole indy message me or join our discord

We are expanding into more areas of indy come join in on the opportunity!

Growing with some great guys come join us!

Looking for some indy boys for mining fleets and what not

Looking for more indy pilots message me in game or discord

Looking for some more great pilots to join our indy family

Hit us up for some indy :smiley:


Need more driven indy pilots shot us a message