Rockchewing is not the only thing we do with teeth, AVRES is recruiting!

Hello Capsuleers,

An “old” Corporation is looking for fresh blood.

Who are we?
In relative to the game we are a bunch of old players, some even slowly turning into fossils or relics.

We went through several makeovers with the corporations and our current corporation.
Not long ago we joined 0.0 life again. Trying to get a solid basement for our current members and maybe even for you.

Are you the one we are looking for?
Well, check it out:

  • You are an industrialist with teeth?
  • You have some knowledge of 0.0 and low-sec life (preferred, but not necessary)?
  • You have minimum 6 weeks in-game experience?
  • You be an active player?
  • You are willing to help on player, corporation and alliance level of industry?
  • You be able to be on alliance / coalition comms regularly?
  • You ready to show our unwanted friends your teeth?

In that case you maybe fit in our little group of industrials. We are most EUTZ, but the alliance and coalition are spread over all TZ. So always some to have a chat with.

What we can offer:

  • Corp buyback programs for ore and salvage, PI in certain degree.

  • Logistics services.

  • Guys who will offer helping hand.

  • PvP ships (doctrine fits) for alliance and coalition fleets.

  • Ratting and Mining support.

Join us in our recruitment channel for a chat before applying.
AVRES Recruitment channel → AVRES Pub


Don’t be affraid for upcoming changes in the industry branche of game. Join AVRES for the new experience

New industrial update is live.

We still looking for more industrialists who want to go this journey with us

Dedicated industrialists still wanted

Rockchewing, Planet licking is more as once needed. Working together to build a new Empire


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