Rookies and Kings | Honour, Excellence, Camraderie | Nullsec PvP (EU/USET)

The duration of a man’s life is as a point; the substance of it ever flowing, the sense obscure; and the whole composition of the body tending to decay. His soul is a restless vortex, fortune uncertain, and fame doubtful; in a word, as a rushing stream so are all things belonging to the body; as a dream, or as a smoke, so are all that belong unto the soul. Life is a warfare, and a sojourn in a foreign land. Fame after life is nothing more than oblivion.

Rookies and Kings is a brand new community of pilots dedicated to exploring, conquering, and mastering the universe of EVE Online. Whether you’re a veteran pilot or a fresh recruit, there’s a place for you.

Skill points requirements? Irrelevant. Zkill dangerous rating? Don’t make us laugh! We’ll give you a basic frigate and show you how to make Capital Ship pilots panic.

Who we are:

  • Not a Megacorp: Rookies and Kings will forever remain a tight-knit Corporation with limited and exclusive membership. In RnK, you’re a person with a voice, not a just a ship with an F1 key.
  • Camraderie: An active and dedicated playerbase with experienced members and an alliance leadership team who’ll fight with you side by side.
  • Constant Action: PvP of every scale, from 1v1’s to those massive battles you read about on the news, and everything inbetween. We shy away from none of it, and engage in all of it.
  • Sovereign Nullsec: An entire region of active Blue space, where you are free to engage in your gameplay of choice.
  • Ship Handouts: Both new and experienced players can benefit from our Ship handout Program, where we have fits crafted to suit severla scenarios.
  • Voice Communication: Effective communication via Discord/TeamSpeak.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Contact: Join our discord server: Rookies and Kings
  2. Chit Chat: Attend a brief discussion with our recruitment team, where further details of our operations will be disclosed.

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