Rorq Pilot/Research/Cap builder For Sale (link fixed)

Looking to sell my old Rorq alt
Has skills to be part of a capital building group
Has good research skills for running copy jobs

26m SP focused into flying a Rorqual
385k sp unallocated SP

Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
Located in HiSec
Currently in NPC Corp


Starting bid is 25b

B/0 is 32b or reasonable bid
Reserve the option to cancel the auction

Take me home and love me

24 bil offer

Thank you for the bid, I’ll let this run 24 more hours and transfer to the highest bid

ill pay 28.5 bil
valid for 24 hours

Thank you, roughly 12 hours left unless someone takes the buyout.

Falcon has won the auction, please send isk and info

28500000 sent

account info sent by in game mail

Awesome I’ll be off work soon and will initiate the transfer

Will be completed after 3/6/2024 9:48:12 AM

Good to go and transferring gray matter