Wts rorq pilot with cap part building and research skills!

(Lady Orehunter) #1

wts myself with 21m sp https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lady_Orehunter pass 123

cap indy ships 4
indy reconfig 5
mining drone/drone spec 5 + interfacing 5

can run 10 build jobs and builds cap parts
can run 10 research jobs

also has 1 remap currently
20b start
30b b/o and reserve the right to cancel sale if agreeable price isnt reached

can mail in game with offers or post here lowballs are a free bump thanks
char is in npc corp atm link hasnt updated yet

(Avallah) #2

20 bil

(Reck Isayeki) #3

20.5 bil

(Alcoholic Satan) #4

21 bil

(MetaTrader) #5


(Reck Isayeki) #6


(Lady Orehunter) #7

I’ve got a current offer in game of 25b

(Lady Orehunter) #8

Recieved in game bid of 26b, I’ll let this sit until I’m off work tonight ~5 hours from now

(Lady Orehunter) #9

Accepted 27.5b offer in game waiting on isk and info

(Mister Frankenstein) #10

isk and account info sent

(system) #11

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