Rorq Pilot - Sold

24,134,364 SP
3.84 sec status
1/4 jump clones (jita 4-4 with +4 implants)
never used a remap
+4 implants, mining foreman mindlink
0 killrights

Cybernetics 5
Biology 4
Informorph Psychology 4/ sync 3
command center upgrade/interplanetary consolidation 4
Industry/ Advanced Industry 5
Mass Production / Advanced Mass Production 5
Leadership/ Mining Foreman/ Mining Director 5
Cloaking 4
Light Drones/ Medium Drones/ Mining Drones/ Mining Drones Specialization 5
Ice Harvesting Drones 5/ Ice Harvesting Drone specialization 3
Misc Drone Skills ( Interfacing and Sharpshooting 5, all others between 3 and 5)
Decent Gunnery skills, but needs work. Mostly focused on triglavian weapon skills
Shield Management / Shield Operation / Tactical Shield Manipulation / Shield Emission Systems 5
Shield Upgrades 4, Invulnerability Core Operation 3
Hull Upgrades / Mechanics 5
Repair Systems / Remote Armor Repair Systems 4
CPU / Powergrid 5
Electronic Upgrades / Weapon Upgrades / Capacitor Management / Energy Grid Upgrades 4
Navigation / Warp Drive Operation 5
Jump Drive Operation / Evasive Maneuvering / Afterburner 4
Cyno 3
Advances Spaceship Command 5
Up to Amarr Cruiser
Up to Caldari Battleship
Up to Gallente Battleship
Up to Precursor Battleship
Industrial Command ships 3.5 / Capital Ships 2 / Capital Industrial Ships 4 / Industrial Reconfiguration 2
Ice Processing / Spodumain / Pyroxeres 4 the rest range from 0-3

Blackfire steel - Damavik, Vedmak
Capsuleer Day XV - Myrmidon
Chromodynamic Candy - Drake, Punisher, Rupture, Tristan
Cryptic Mimesis - Abbadon
Deathglow Hunters - Astero, Gilla
Exoplanets Hunters - Ibis
Glacial Drift - Dominix, Procurer, Stratios, Venture
Icecloud Investigators - Apotheosis, Gnosis, Praxis, Sunesis
SOE Fire Cell - Astero

Asking for 30 billion isk, as that is what it appears rorq pilots go for. However, I will reduce the price to 27b isk if you pay for the character transfer. Thats roughly 1b more then what $20 would buy you in isk as a discount.
I will drop my corp if and when someone expresses interest in my character. Wallet will be drained to 1m isk at the same time.

According to character bazaar rules seller must pay for the transfer. You can also transfer pilots by PLEX (require ticket).

the second part is why there would be a discount. :slight_smile:
If i recall correctly, or at least if i recall what i was reading earlier, i can take part of the payment for the character, buy the plex, offer the 500 plex to ccp to transfer the character.
As of right now, I am offering a 3b discount to do that, which means I would still be giving up another 2 billion isk on top of that, making my asking price 25b for my character, after all is said and done.

30 bil is what a perfect skilled rorq pilots would go for. At 24 million SP, you could’ve trained him to be a perfect rorq pilot with JDC V, Drone Interfacing V, Industrial Reconfig V, PANIC V, Heavy Drone V, etc. But if I were to buy this toon I’d have to spend another 5-6 bil on skill injectors before even un-docking vOv and that wouldn’t even get me any of the above to V.

And if you look through the last week or so you’ll see almost perfect rorqs + super toons going for 35-40. Even a 62 million SP rorq/super/blops toon going for 45 a few days ago.

As such I’ll offer 21 bil

Make it 24b and I’ll agree.

Done, will send Mail to Sahaqiel with details

right on, thanks

Isk received, beginning process now. Ticket to ccp will be in shortly, for the transfer to take place via plex.

Wait I thought character transfer cost is 1000 plex??

unsure, but it wouldnt make a lot of sense to pay $40 in plex for a $20 service, would it?

It is 1000plex

at least there is an option for using plex instead of cash.

Any update on the status of the sell?

32B If it still exists

Still no delivery on the character… I will be making a support ticket now.

I’m sorry if I offended you in any way. I’ve re-read my posts in this thread and our short chat in-game and I cannot find anywhere where I was being a “douchebag”. And I don’t see anything wrong with the bio, it’s just a generic “Bought Character March 8th, 2019. If i did something to you before then sorry previous owner was mean to you.”. Which is common for a lot of sold characters - especially after reading your past corp applications where you’re pleading to be forgiven for doing something shitty.

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