Rorqual character for sale 11.8mill sp

Can use excavator drones
Drone Interfacing 5
Capital Industrial Ships 4
Capital Shield Boosters
Around 2 weeks from invul

Starting bid will be 12bill

I’ll offer 12b



13.5b BO isk ready right now.



14.5bill b/o

14.7 bill b/o

only in incremements of .5 please, like 14.5 or 15.0

15b b/o

How long do you intend to keep this running? I am going to bed soon :slight_smile:

14,5 b


closing this tonight

If still for sale can offer 15b b/o

Price agreed upon in game, will send isk and account stuff once i get home from work

Account Info and Isk Sent.

Character recieved. Thank You