Rorqual/Freighter pilot for sale. 42 mil SP/1,321,759 unallocated

Thanks dude :slight_smile: i will take it for 35 bill :slight_smile:

No worries! If you will back out, I will still be open to buy it for 34 bil.

Dude do you know why I like this character ? Because near any other character in this forum is Extracted and ( i don’t know why ) I don’t like extracted characters. So when I sow this beast i decide to buy it :slight_smile: because this was exactly what i was looking for :stuck_out_tongue:
I am sorry for you that you don’t win but that the reason why I like it so much and I believe u find something nice for you somewhere else dude :slight_smile:
Fly safe o/

And I wanted it for the exact same reason. Oh well, good luck.

35,5 bil

I’m kinda stuck morally here. I am going to go with the highest bid from I wanna sell. As him and alestro were the ones debating who had the correct bid. 35 bill to I wanna sell

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I cn go 36b if u want

Busy Metal I like you loyality so I send you 36,5Bill just now and Acc name, Thanks

Acc and ISK send.

Awesome! I will be home and able to start the process like an hour later then I thought

That fine :slight_smile:

Isk received. Transfer started!

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Very good,

I am at work till 19:00 EvE Time so will be confirm the Character Transfer Asap when I arrived home.

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I just want to put it out the that if either you three ever come across my path, you have my genuine respect.

Thanks for being some much needed human respect to the forum.

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House Mom

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Character recieved, everzthing on order :stuck_out_tongue:
Have a nice day.

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