Rorqual/JF/Carrier pilot for sale 68+ million skill point pilot-- SOLD

I am for sale, 25B, starting price Final Price taken in 24 hours from now. I am a great miner, can fly Orca/Rorqual/Covert Ops/ caldari and minmatar carriers… Skillbook injected for Black Ops, I also am a superb JF Pilot will all skills maxed to fly the Nomad and Rhea JFs. I am currently training to JF 5. I have great drone skills and would be a very valuable asset to your character stable. My racial Caldar and Minmatar are only 4 each, both partially trained to 5, however not fully. I also have great PI skills, as well as laboratory skills, not to mention I can build up to super capitals, and have. I even have built my own Nomad in the past. I am located in Jita 4/4, have positive wallet, and security status, with no kill rights.

So who wants to purchase me???

25b b/o

68m sp, 25bil b/o?

yes, look at what is gotten besides if you dont want , look elsewhere

Lol, I mean, if I see this post 10 mins ealier, I would definitely b/o this character at 25bil. It worth at least 65 bil I guess?

really?? well I hate for you to ruin it for the others if I change my b/o offer now but if he is worth that much more I feel like a dummy for saying 25 bil… I don’t know how to price these guys obviously

Well its up to you to accept my offer or not

Banana I hate to do this, but as I am really really needing the isk… I will correct it so the B/O is NOT 25 bil, I will start it at 25 bil, and if no one else bids, guess you got a great deal!! Im sorry…

don’t worry about it

Generally the price is like 1bil for 1m sp, if it is a focused pilot, the price will increase, but if it has wasted sp for a focused pilot, the price will drop.

Check around other post, you get the idea.

Ive currently gotten an offer of 30billion, if no one else can do better it is his pilot tomorrow

made agreed offer in game.

I have accepted his ingame offer and will conclude this sale early and begin the transfer to Willi upon receipt of the isk

Isk received… account name received, This sale is concluded and transfer began

how was the transfer done cash or plex?

I paid cash and had transfer put in within minutes of your isk received

I just tried to log him in, he is still on that account. I will contact ccp and find out what happened

I just put in transfer to account you provided. not sure what happened. putting in trouble ticket with them

I am not sure what went wrong, I just checked email and never received email when I paid for transfer of Mihail to your account you provided. I DID however just receive a confirmation email with the account name you provided and receipt of payment made so it absolutely should be underway now. I have no idea what went wrong the first time. Im sorry for delay

there is an 10 hour delay , thats how it works .